A Reddit user has asked if he is in the wrong for protecting his mother from his half-sisters.

In the post, the 19-year-old, under the username Material-Ice8430, explains that, before his father met his mother and had him, his dad had two daughters, now 26 and 28, with a high-school girlfriend.

He writes that “he never planned to keep the promise and he never told anyone about them, never supported them or anything. So he married my mom and she had no idea.”

Family argument.
A stock image of a family argument at table. A teenager has been praised for telling his half-sisters to stop pursuing a relationship with his mother.
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According to the Census Bureau, 60 to 70 percent of marriages involving children from another union fail, with divorce increasing in relation to the number of times one marries.

The Redditor goes on to explain how his mother divorced his father when he was 4 months old after the girls aged 7 and 9 were dropped on their doorstep by the grandparents.

Dear old dad didn’t want them either and would allow them to fixate on my mom. He tried to pawn them off many times,” the Redditor writes, which led to the girls trying to get adopted by his mother.

After cutting off his father and half-sisters for several years, the teenager describes how the sisters reappeared a couple of weeks ago, writing, “they showed up and started yelling at mom and telling her that she was a piece of s*** and she became their mom the moment she married dad and should have been there for them…

“I told them they need to stay away from mom, leave her alone, and work on themselves. They texted me after that I was an a**hole just like her and they deserved so much better.”

Dr. Darren Aboyoun, clinical psychologist and co-creator of NextPhase, an online community for personal injury victims, told Newsweek about how the teenager should deal with the matter.

“This entire situation largely rests on the father’s lack of honesty with himself and others. It’s an illustration of how one person’s hurtful actions can have a multi-generational affect. The son’s mother was truly put in a bind: take on the responsibility of caring for the daughters (and likely feel resentful) or refuse this responsibility and endure the guilt of this refusal.”

Aboyoun added: “The son’s mom has every right to choose the life she wants to live. She can have empathy and care about these girls without taking on a burden she never agreed to. I hope the son was kind in telling the girls that they needed to leave. They’re in a horrible position, but the mom didn’t create it or assume responsibility for it simply because she was tricked by their dad.

“At the same time, the girls are part of the son’s life. He might choose to provide support to them, or ask his mom to help. But that’s his choice, and her choice. They should kindly communicate their choices and offer more, if they wish to, only when their choices are respected,” the doctor said.

‘It’s Not Fair’

Replying to a user comment, the teenager added: “My mom shouldn’t have to handle any of this. She has never had anything to do with them. She left right away and was not part of their lives while they were growing up. It’s not fair to make her deal with dad’s lies all over again.”

Redditors supported him, with one writing: “There are a lot of ***holes in this story, just not OP or OP’s mom. The dad, the bio mom, the grandparents, at this point the half sisters.

“They are right, they did deserve better, just not from OP or OP’s mom.”

Newsweek has reached out to Material-Ice8430 for comment.

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