A gunman has died after a shootout with police at a Walmart in Indiana, according to police.

Evansville Police say they heard reports of a shooting at the store located on South Red Bank Road at 9:59 p.m. local time. Upon arriving at the scene, officers encountered gunfire from the suspect before killing them in the ensuring shootout. The identity of the gunman has yet to be revealed.

One victim was transported to local hospital, but it is not known their current condition.

The victim of the shooting was a woman, according to Breann Boswell of 14 News. She added that the shooter may have been an employee of the Walmart, however this has not been confirmed.

She tweeted:” Breaking: Active shooter at west side Walmart in Evansville. Avoid the area. We have a crew on scene now.”

In a follow up tweet she added: “Male suspect fired multiple times at officers. Officers fired back and the suspect is deceased.

“Witness say it could’ve been an employee. One female victim confirmed.

“EPD officials are saying that there could be more victims, people ran out. If you were injured call police.”

On a more personal note, she tweeted about the frequency of shootings in public spaces.

“It’s so sad that shootings seem typical, normal almost. These are the incidents that change people’s lives forever.

“It hits you different when it’s at home. Tonight, the shooting at the Evansville Walmart was scary.”

This is an ongoing story.

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A gunman in Indiana has died after a shootout with police at a Walmart in Indiana, according to reports.