Finding anime online for free can often be a bit of a challenge for those looking to watch their favorite shows. Viz Media is looking to help in that regard, as the company announced that it has released episodes from some of its most popular series on YouTube.

Viz revealed on Thursday that it had added hundreds of episodes from various anime to its YouTube channel — all viewable for free.

The series that were added include all 37 episodes of Death Note, Seasons 1-3 (148 episodes in total) of Hunter x Hunter, the complete series of Inuyasha, Seasons 1-2 (50 episodes) of Mr. Osomatsu, Seasons 1-8 (220 episodes) of Naruto, and every Sailor Moon episode.

All of the series are available with English subtitles and can be found in a special anime playlist on the Viz Media YouTube channel.

Alongside the inclusion of the six new shows, Viz Media also hosts an anime movies playlist on its channel. This playlist houses a variety of anime films, some from the six shows that have been added to the channel and others like Accel World, Tiger & Bunny, K, Inifini-T Force, and Mazinger Z.