The Russian government on Tuesday claimed to have “obliterated” a radar system provided to Ukraine by the U.S.

The story was first reported by TASS, a state-controlled news outlet, citing information from Kremling Defense Ministry Spokesman Lieutenant-General Igor Konashenkov. According to the spokesman, three of the AN/TPQ-37 “Firefinder” radar systems were destroyed within the last 24 hours of combat in Ukraine.

The U.S. has been one of the major Western allies of Ukraine since Russia’s invasion began in February, which has included extensive provisions of military aid to the embattled Eastern European nation. According to a Department of Defense (DOD) announcement earlier in the month, the U.S. has provided roughly $30 billion worth of military hardware to Ukraine, with a recent shipment totaling $400 million alone. President Joe Biden has committed to continue providing aid, while Republicans in Congress, like Representative Matt Gaetz, have called for aid to either be rolled back or halted altogether.

“Three US-manufactured AN/TPQ-37 counter-battery radars were obliterated in areas near the settlements of Shandrigolovo in the Donetsk People’s Republic, Orekhov in the Zaporizhzhia Region, and Belozyorka in the Kherson Region,” Konashenkov said in a statement to TASS.

us made radar destroyed in ukraine
Above, a photo of Ukrainian forces monitoring a battlefield with an inset representational image of a U.S. military radar system. Russian on Tuesday claimed to have destroyed three radar systems provided to Ukraine by the U.S.
Fadel Senna; Joe Raedle/AFP via Getty Images; Getty Images

The TASS report further claimed that Russian forces had, in the last 24 hours, struck 95 Ukrainian artillery units and other pieces of equipment in 107 areas. Ukrainian officials have yet to comment on these strikes. Newsweek reached out to the Ukrainian Defense Ministry and the U.S. DOD via email for comment.

Created by the Hughes Aircraft Company, the Firefinder mobile radar system began development in the 1970s and achieved operational status by 1982. It was subsequently manufactured by Northrop Grumman and ThalesRaytheonSystems. The systems are designed to detect incoming fire, including mortars, rockets, and artillery, and the point of origin of the incoming fire, allowing for counter-attacks. They are typically deployed in the field in trailers that are hauled by Humvees.

In addition to various branches of the United States Military and the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Firefinder systems have been utilized by a number of foreign militaries, including the armies of Australia, Portugal, and Turkey.

Earlier this month, the DOD announced the 33rd round of military aid to Ukraine, including “additional ammunition for High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems, additional 105 mm and 155 mm artillery rounds, and additional 25 mm ammunition,” as well as “armored vehicle-launched bridges,” which accompany armored columns and allow them to cross rivers, trenches, and other obstacles.

“The United States is just one nation supporting Ukraine’s right to sovereignty,” the DOD’s announcement read. “According to DOD figures, more than 54 countries from around the world have pledged more than 1,000 tanks and other armored vehicles.”