Tyler Cameron wasn’t exactly famous and rich while dating a certain member of the rich and famous.

The Bachelorette star took a trip down memory lane to recall a time when he was going on dates with Gigi Hadid shortly after the show aired. As it turns out, Tyler’s bank account was tight during those outings.

“I had like $200,” Tyler revealed during a recent episode of the Trading Secrets podcast, as seen in a clip shared to Instagram March 13. “I remember I’d be going on dates callin’ pops up in the bathroom like, ‘Yo, pops, I don’t think my credit cards gonna go through. I need you to send me some money right now.’ He’s like, ‘You got it, son. Go get it.'”

Looking back on having those dates without having confidence his card would go through, Tyler teased, “You’re just crossing your fingers at this point.”

But Tyler recalled that it was a time in his life that felt liberating.