Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman movie is a classic in the world of comic book films. Now DC has shared a modern-day version of the trailer, reimagining the film as it would be marketed in 2023.

The new Batman trailer essentially acts as any modern-day film trailer, complete with orchestral music and some scenes showcasing Micheal Keaton’s Batman and Bruce Wayne. The new trailer also showcases more of Jack Nicholson’s Joker, as well as some of the more action-packed moments of the film.

Check out the new modern-day trailer for 1989’s Batman below:

Released in 1989, Batman was the first installment of Warner Bros. Discovery’s initial Batman film series and was directed by Tim Burton. The film starred Michael Keaton as Batman/Bruce Wayne, Jack Nicholson as the Joker, Kim Basinger as Vicki Vale, Robert Wuhl as Alexander Knox, and Pat Hingl;e as Commissioner Gordon, to name a few.

The film was a massive success for Warner Bros. Discovery, and a trio of films (Batman Returns, Batman Forever, and Batman & Robin) followed. Batman‘s success is also often seen as the catalyst for much of the superhero boom of the 1990s, including leading to the development of the highly successful Batman: The Animated Series, which in turn led to the DC Animated Universe.