Eli Roth’s upcoming horror film Thanksgiving has officially started production this week, with the director taking to social media to share a teaser image of the upcoming film.

In an announcement via Instagram, Roth revealed that the film was now officially in production, sharing an image of his director’s chair along with a rusty axe sitting inside of it. In a separate post on another account, the Instagram user “TheJohnCarver” shared a photograph of a hallway, set.

While it’s unclear exactly what this account is, John Carver was one of the pilgrims who partook in the Mayflower voyage that resulted in the creation of Plymouth Colony in America, so it could be that whoever the killer is in the upcoming horror film will be taking on Carver’s persona.

Thanksgiving‘s script has been completed for “over a dozen years” now, but wasn’t set to be made until Spyglass Media Group financed the movie last year. The report mentions that production on the film begins next month in Toronto, with no confirmed release date as of yet.

While no synopsis for the movie is available yet, the original trailer tells the story of a slasher who visits a small town during Thanksgiving and begins attacking people. THR also notes that the film will take place in a “small Massachusetts town,” with the slasher aiming to make “a Thanksgiving carving board out of the town’s inhabitants.”

The original idea for the movie came in the double billing Grindhouse, which featured a variety of fake trailers for movies from other directors. Roth’s was perhaps the most infamous, as it featured some extremely graphic scenes, all of which centered around various Thanksgiving-based things, like a parade, turkey mascots, and of course, Thanksgiving dinner.