A Tennessee bar has defended its decision to serve cocktails such as “Cancel Kanye” and “Pete Davidson’s Body Count” to its thirsty customers.

TMRW in Nashville serves as a bar, music venue and restaurant. Right now, though, what it’s serving on the drinks menu is causing quite a stir on social media.

It all started with a tweet from FrederiqueD1 that included a screenshot of the venue’s cocktail list. The drinks on offer at TMRW include a “Cancel Kanye” cocktail, “Pete Davidson’s Body Count“, a “T Swift Tango” and a drink called “Bron Went Bye Bye.” Other notable cocktails include “House of Dragon” and one called simply “Harry Styles.”

Writing alongside the screenshot, FrederiqueD1 claimed they “just left a bar cause these were the drink names.” While that claim is questionable (TMRW’s grand opening is scheduled for February 4), the names of the drinks listed in the screengrab are indeed correct.

The controversial TMRW cocktail menu.
The controversial TMRW cocktail menu.
Jon Howard / TMRW

The tweet went viral, with other Twitter users piling in to comment on TMRW’s approach to cocktail names.

At the time of writing, the post had been retweeted over 1,500 times, earning more than 41,000 likes. Of course, not everyone liked what they had done.

Kanoyisola commented: “You made the right choice because tf is this” with FrederiqueD1 branding it “very cringe.”

Rose M Gifford wrote: “Everywhere is like this now, just give me a normal fng drink,” while Peachboyfizzy said: “Literally who thought naming the drinks like this was a good idea.”

Elsewhere, Lolimke commented: “If i was a famous person and went to a bar and saw that a drink was named after my body count i think id cry” with SHIELDLB adding: “Are teenagers even allowed in bars? Because who is this for?”

Some had no issues with the names though. Ciarareneeorr wrote: “if a bar has a drink names Harry Styles it’s the only bar i’m going to for the rest of my life” with kellirxo adding: “T swift tango sounds good af though.”

Others like miguelhmo felt those bashing the bar’s menu should lighten up a bit. “I think a healthy sense of humor is a good thing,” they wrote. “We should laugh at ourselves more than take ourselves seriously.”

A spokesperson for TMRW told they “honestly don’t know” why the menu ended up going viral on Twitter. “All we were intending to do is give people great cocktails, good convo and a big smile.”

They credit the venue’s owners, Jon Howard and Matthew Romero, for coming up with the cocktail names. “It’s pop culture commentary without the ego,” the spokesperson said. “Names don’t have to be serious for you to enjoy them.”

The Kanye West and Pete Davidson cocktails.
The “Cancel Kanye” and “Pete Davidson’s Body Count” cocktails
Jon Howard / TMRW

They were also keen to stress they don’t want Kanye West to be canceled. “We don’t think anyone should be canceled,” the spokesperson said. “However we are a modern music venue that likes to create conversation. These drinks (hopefully) do just that.”

They had a message for those speaking disparagingly about the menu too. “Come experience the culture of the venue before passing judgment. One of the most important elements of TMRW is inclusion. It’s our foundation for everything,” the spokesperson said.

“Unfortunately, there’s always haters online. Haters are welcome at the bar. We love to change minds.”

Kanye West and the cocktail menu.
Kanye West and the cocktail menu – a cocktail called “Cancel Kanye” is causing a stir.
Jon Howard / TMRWMEGA/GC Images