Puppy Stages Daring Escape From Playpen in Adorable Video: ‘So Smart’


A puppy showed some impressive problem solving skills after staging an ingenious breakout from her playpen.

In footage shared to TikTok by her owner, posting as tankbennettthebeabull, a young canine called Tilly can be seen making her daring escape. Having deduced that the entrance to the pen is being kept closed with zip, Tilly can be seen pawing and pushing her snout against the closed entrance.

Sure enough, the zip begins to move, giving the young pup enough of a gap to push her head and then the rest of her body through. The clip chronicling her efforts has been watched over 2 million times on social media and can be seen again here.

While Tilly likely landed herself an extended stay in the doghouse, the young pup’s antics could, almost quite literally, rub off on her owners.

According to a 2022 study from the University of Basel in Switzerland, published in the journal PLOS ONE, petting a dog can actually boost memory and problem solving skills.

Using infrared neuroimaging technology, researchers measured activity in the brain’s prefrontal cortex in 19 men and women while they watched, petted or lay down with a dog between their legs. The test was repeated with a stuffed animal weighed down with a water bottle to match the temperature, weight and feel of a canine.

What they found was that interacting with real dogs resulted in an increase in the levels of activity in the prefrontal cortex of the brain and that the effect lasted even after the dog was removed. The frontal cortex is involved in problem-solving, attention and working memory as well as in social and emotional processing.

A yellow Labrador puppy.
Stock image of a yellow Labrador puppy – a pet pooch was caught on camera making a break for it.

For now though, Tilly’s owner appeared to be simply in shock at her pup’s ability to find her way out of the playpen.

On the video she can even be heard exclaiming: “Oh my God” as Tilly breaks free. She’s not alone in expressing astonishment at the clip either, with fellow dog lovers taking to the comments section to praise the young pup’s Houdini-like exploits.

One user, writing as _krista.queen_, said: “Dogs will always a find a way to escape,” with monkey_girl commenting: “She needs to be advanced to the Gifted class.” Karin Ann wrote: “Dogs are so smart and determined,” while Dani Gallegos lamented: “I keep saying these animals are getting too smart.”

Elsewhere, gopikalikagypsyrexx was impressed, declaring: “Nothing can hold her back,” with The Fedora Guy adding: “That’s why you don’t buy one with a zipper just get a cage.” CTimber3, meanwhile, couldn’t resist a reference to the Patrick Swayze favorite Dirty Dancing, writing: “Nobody puts Tilly in a corner pen!”

Newsweek contacted tankbennettthebeabull for comment.

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