Photographer Shares Why Brides Shouldn’t Dread a Wet Wedding


A photographer has shown why couples shouldn’t be fearful of any rain falling on their wedding day, insisting that it can still turn out just as well in spite of the conditions.

Wedding photographer Daniel Vertiz has traveled around the world for his photography, which means he’s been caught in all kinds of weather. Notably, in September 2022, Vertiz photographed a wedding in Georgia when the skies opened and the rain poured down, just in time for the outdoor ceremony.

As the wedding of Claire and Curtis Thorn began, light rain started to fall before progressively getting heavier throughout the ceremony. Refusing to let it faze them, the wedding party all remained at the altar and the ceremony continued. This made for some memorable photos in the downpour.

Bride walks down aisle with her dad
This bride walked down the aisle with her dad in the pouring rain, during an outdoor ceremony

The forecast for the big day is a major factor for many engaged couples as they wish to reduce the risk of bad weather. Wedding website The Knot, conducted a survey in 2022 that found that October was the most popular month in which to get married, with 22 percent of the vote. There were also 11 percent who opted for September nuptials.

The Knot highlights that fall weddings can mean slightly cooler temperatures that are still warm enough to allow the possibility to have parts of their celebrations outside. The vibrant colors of fall are another big attraction for many brides and grooms.

Vertiz acknowledged that many brides fear rain on their wedding day, as it could be a bad omen, or ruin any outdoor plans they had in mind. However, he was optimistic that it shouldn’t be anything to cause concern.

The couple stand in front of groomsmen
The wedded couple stand in front of the groomsmen at the outdoor altar, during a torrential downpour.

Vertiz told Newsweek: “Every bride dreads a wet wedding day, but Claire and Curtis took this in their stride and turned it into something magical. A true testimony to their love.

“With a bridal party of 15 and 12 men in the procession, when the last two flower girls finished walking down the aisle a slight sprinkle started to fall. A few people looked at each other, wondering if the ceremony would continue. Then, right as Claire was exiting to start her walk, the rain started pouring down.

“Without skipping a beat, she kept a huge smile on her face with her dad in hand and came marching down. Her energy was contagious, and everyone was happy to see her enjoying it. The guests gathered some umbrellas and hid under a small shelter while the bridal party stood strong at the altar.”

Bride with her bridesmaids in the rain
This bride stands with her bridal party in the pouring rain, during a memorable outdoor ceremony.

When they finally got a chance to look over the pictures that Vertiz and his partner, Madeline Relph took, they were in awe of how well they turned out. The bride and groom can be seen sharing a clear umbrella, doing their best to shield themselves from the heavy rain. All the bridesmaids, in their colorful dresses, are also seen lined up and each holding their own clear umbrella for the pictures, looking incredibly coordinated.

Vertiz said: “The rain, and the pure joy this couple had only made the imagery more magical. We are so honored to have been a part of such a special day.”


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