Outlast executive producer Grant Kahler has revealed that the cast of the Netflix survival competition are still not on good terms, even though the show has long finished filming.

The series, which filmed in 2021 but premiered on Netflix on March 10, follows 16 lone wolves who are dropped in the Alaskan wilderness and must outlast each other in a battle to win $1 million.

Outlast has only rule; the players must be a part of a team to win, meaning they need to build a society and work with their fellow survivalists to succeed and win.

Throughout the episodes, experienced outdoorsmen and women push their bodies and minds to their limits and there are emotional highs and lows as the challenge brings out the best and worst in people.

Outlast Season 1
Lee Ettinger, Justin Court and Jill Ashock pictured on Season 1 of “Outlast” on Netflix. The show’s executive producer Grant Kahler has revealed some of the cast of the show are still not on good terms.

Speaking ahead of the show’s premiere, Kahler has teased a potential reunion could be on the cards for the cast, to allow the contestants to hash out the issues from the game.

Amber Asay, Andrea Hilderbrand, Angie Kenai, Brian Kahrs, Corey Johnson, Dawn Nelson, Javier Colon, Jill Ashock, Joel Hungate, Jordan Williams, Justin Court, Lee Ettinger, Nick Radner, Paul Preece, Seth Lueker and Timothy Spears are the 16 Outlast contestants.

They initially split into four teams but throughout the weeks in the Alaskan wilderness, different alliances are made—and broken—and the teams switch around as a number of contestants self-eliminate, unable to handle the harsh conditions.

There are even some instances of sabotage, as the players realize that they are able to force the hand of their co-stars by destroying or stealing their supplies, or blocking them from joining their team.

If a contestant is left without a team they must set off their flare gun, signaling that they have taken themselves out of the game.

Outlast Season 1
On “Outlast”, 16 contestants are dropped in to the Alaskan wilderness and tasked with battling it out with their co-stars, while still remaining part of a team, to win the coveted $1 million prize.

When asked if the Outlast team had ever considered putting together a reunion episode to allow the players to discuss the events of the contest, Kahler told Newsweek: “Definitely, yeah. We talk about it all the time, you know, with first season shows, it’s tricky with stuff like that, you know, because you never know how it’s going to do or how it’s received.

“But you’re right, a reunion show would be spectacular.”

Revealing how tensions are still high between the contestants who had issues during the show, Kahler said: “They still hate each other! To this day. I keep in touch with all of them.”

Kahler continued, noting that it would be “really interesting” to speak to the Outlast cast after they have watched the season, as—due to the nature of the show—there is so much that they will be seeing for the first time.

Outlast Season 1
Seth Lueker, Andrea Hilderbrand, Angie Esparza and Nick Radner pictured in “Outlast.” Actor Jason Bateman is one of the executive producer’s on the series.

“You know what’s interesting to think about as a viewer and especially from a contestants point of view; it’s not like a normal show where you’re on a stage. You would kind of know what’s going on. A lot of them, have no idea what happened on the other side of the river, or what happened after they quit, you know?” he explained.

Kahler concluded: “So I think after they see [the season], it would be amazing to see them interact. So hopefully we’ll do that because that would be fun.”

Horrible Bosses actor Jason Bateman is one of Kahler’s co-producers on Outlast, alongside Mike Odair, Michael Costigan and Emma Ho.

The movie star became involved with the show after partnering up with Kahler, who also produced survival competition Alone, which Bateman is a huge fan of.

The first season of Outlast is available to stream on Netflix now.