A dwarf dog named Enzo has melted hearts all over the internet after a video of all his cutest poses went viral on social media.

The video, shared on TikTok in December by the dog’s owner, under the username karat333xx, shows a compilation of pictures of the dwarf Labrador making various poses.

The viral post has a caption that reads: “When you (unknowingly) get a labrador with dwarfism.” Another goes: “Enzo benzo best boy ever. Small legs dont stop the king.”

Labrador with dwarfism melts hearts
Stock image of a sleeping Labrador close-up. A dog of the same breed with dwarfism has melted hearts all over the internet.
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According to Hill’s Pet Nutrition, there are different types of dwarfism that can affect a dog’s normal growth, size, quality of life, and lifespan. However, the most-common version of dwarfism in canines is achondroplasia, a condition also observed in humans.

“Achondroplasia in humans is caused by the genes that encode for growth factor receptors in a cell type known as a fibroblast,” the pet website reads. “Although we don’t know the exact genetic location in dogs, a similar inherited mutation results in the disproportionately short limbs we observe in certain dog breeds, such as dachshunds and corgis.”

Dogs with achondroplasia tend to have a larger-than-normal head; undershot jaw; shorter nose; crooked teeth; enlarged joints; corkscrew tails; and bowed limbs.

Some dogs with dwarfism can also have more-severe health issues associated with the disease. These include spina bifida, spinal deviations, hemivertebrae, brachycephalic syndrome, angular/rotational limb deformities and intervertebral disc disease, among others.

The TikTok video quickly attracted animal lovers from all over the platform, receiving more than 559,700 views and 73,500 views so far.

One user, Em Woodward, commented: “So adorable, he has the same face as mine. So frigging cuteee.”

TikTok user grace wrote: “omg i have a yellow lab with dwarfism too!! first time i’ve seen someone else with one.” Kim44l_ posted: “Yes it’s true I am obsessed with him.”

Miaxharriet wrote: “i didnt know dogs could have dwarfism and its so cute.” rachel added: “enzo is such an icon.”

Another TikTok user, day irl tism creature, commented: “there was a lab w dwarfism who was adopted by a basset hound rescuer bc it wasnt accepted by the other labs, but the short bassets loved him!!!”

Major Savage posted: “Join us, brother, we, Dwarves, will rule the world together.”

Midge added: “we have a lab x dachshund and he looks identical! are you sure it’s dwarfism and he’s not just crossed w dachshund or something?”

Newsweek reached out to karat333xx for comment. We could not verify the details of the case.

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