Not exactly seeing double.

While making her debut hosting NBC’s Saturday Night Live on March 11, Jenna Ortega and her Wednesday co-star Fred Armisen, an SNL alum, paid tribute to the 1998 Lindsay Lohan movie The Parent Trap.

The two starred in a sketch that depicted a behind-the-scenes look at the filming of a fictional remake of the fan-favorite flick, which was a reboot of a 1961 film. Jenna, sporting a hairstyle similar to the ‘do Lindsay wore onscreen, plays an actress taking on the roles of long-lost twins Hallie and Annie. Fred portrays a gruff crew member named Raymond, who reads lines with her while filling in for her body double, who is out sick. And he has plenty of ideas on how to make the scene better.

But following the script? For him, clearly optional.

At one point during their reading, Jenna’s character expresses dismay at her belongings getting soaked in a rainstorm. “Are any of your pictures ruined?” Raymond asks, to which she responds, “Only the beautiful Shawn Mendes.” Raymond comments, “Wow! He is hot!”