Golden Retriever’s Morning Routine Caught on Video: ‘Ordered a Puppaccino’


A Golden Retriever’s morning routine, involving cuddles in bed before starting the day, has gone viral online, netting over 1.2 million views on TikTok.

The adorable video was shared by Alexandria Stetson to the TikTok account devoted to her Golden Retriever, @midwestgolden.leo, on January 14. Leo is seen being carried into the bedroom and placed gently on the bed, ready for a cuddle with his owners before they eventually have to start the day.

Quizzed on the TikTok video, Stetson told Newsweek: “When my husband walked into the room with Leo in his arms like that, I immediately started laughing!

“Leo isn’t physically carried to bed every day, but he does sleep with us and he always joins me again every morning after my husband feeds him breakfast. It’s one of my favorite parts of the day. We don’t get to have these loved ones with us forever so I cherish every moment!”

Dog gets carried to be in morning
Adorable moment Leo the Golden Retriever gets carried back to bed after being fed.

Whether dogs should be allowed to sleep in their owner’s bed is often a topic of debate, A survey conducted in 2022 by asked 1,000 participants whether or not they allow their dog to sleep in bed with them, and if so, why that is. The results found that 76 percent of dog owners allow their dog to sleep on their bed at night. Of those who are happy to share their bed with the dog, 67 percent said that it’s because they feel less stressed when they co-sleep with them.

The survey also revealed that 32 percent of married pet owners have disagreements with their spouse about whether to let their pet sleep in the same bed. The most popular reason for people not permitting it was germs and cleanliness, with 45 percent of the vote expressing concern.

Leo’s morning routine has already been viewed 1.2 million times and received more than 200,000 likes. The video’s caption reads: “Who ordered a puppacino?”

Dog gets carried to bed for cuddles
This Golden Retriever was carried to bed for a cuddle with his owner before getting up for the day.

Stetson regularly shares TikTok videos of Leo to document his daily antics and loving moments, adding that their social media followers seem to “resonate” with the videos.

She said: “We’ve been creating and sharing content together for years, so it’s pretty natural for us to document the moments that make us smile. That’s the kind of content we’ve loved sharing with the world since starting our TikTok journey nearly three years ago.

“We don’t ever want to fake anything or curate something just for the sake of social media, and I think the people that follow our account really resonate with that,”

There have been hundreds of comments from people stating how sweet the video of Leo is, and even wishing something like this would happen to them. One user wrote: “where can I get one of these babies delivered to me?” while another doting person commented: “dogs are the best thing on planet Earth“.

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