A former Russian military leader had a critical approach to Russia’s war strategy, which he shared on social media channel Telegram Thursday morning.

Igor Girkin, also known by the alias Igor Strelkov, is an army veteran and former intelligence officer who was an important player in Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014. Girkin has been critical of Russia’s approach since early in the war.

As Ukraine receives more weapons and equipment from its Western allies, the Kremlin is confident in its messaging that Russian forces will continue to advance the frontlines. Girkin is not so sure.

Girkin wrote about his skepticism in a series of posts on Telegram Thursday morning, criticizing Russia’s response thus far in the war.

Igor Girkin, Ukrainian soldier
A Ukrainian military member holds an assault rifle on January 27, 2023, in Bakhmut, Ukraine. Former Russian commander Igor Girkin, inset, has been highly critical of Russia’s actions during the war.

In his post, Girkin shared an article by Russian newspaper Kommersant, quoting Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. In response to Ukraine potentially receiving long-distance weapons, such as the Patriot missile defense system from the U.S. Ukrainian soldiers began training on the systems this month. Newsweek previously reported that the Patriots, which are a key part of the $1.85 billion military package for Kyiv, will be the most advanced surface-to-air missiles that the U.S. has given Ukraine.

Lavrov said the Russia Federation will push Ukraine forces back, so the weapons are useless given the extra space between the two forces.

However, Girkin pointed out several flaws and inconsistencies in the plan. Girkin referred to how a Ukrainian counteroffensive attack secured control of Kherson and Kharkiv. He said the Kremlin’s plans were inconsistent with what Russian forces had executed in the past, referring to the plan as “cognitive dissonance”. Girkin said in past operations, Russia did the opposite of pushing Ukrainian forces back, but “brought the Armed Forces closer to the territory of the Russian Federation”.

“After all, in a number of directions, these territories were simply left to the enemy,” Girkin said.

Girkin went on to chide the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, saying each department had conflicting thoughts about the borders of the Russian Federation.

“Which, in general, I would not be very surprised about, knowing the personalities and talents of the heads of both departments, as well as the level of general coordination of the state apparatus of the Russian Federation on the part of the presidential administration,” a translation of Girkin’s post said.

In a separate post, Girkin criticized the Wagner Group—a Russian paramilitary organization—after sharing that the group reportedly took control of two villages near the Bakhmut region. Girkin accused the leaders of the Russian Federation of “doing nothing”, while the Armed Forces of Ukraine are “openly and persistently preparing to inflict new strong blows on us in the near future”.

“They are eagerly preparing to defeat us in the field battles this year,” Girkin wrote.

Newsweek reached out to Russian President Vladimir Putin‘s office for comment.