A “dramatic” dog has been caught on camera having a tantrum in a video that has attracted more than 2.1 million views.

In the TikTok footage, Arlo the American bulldog can be seen on camera, standing up against a fence in the yard, whining and huffing.

The text reads, “I went to grab the garbage cans and he thought I went on a walk without him,” while the caption states, “Soo dramatic.”

American Bulldog
Stock image of an American bulldog looking sad on grass. A similar specimen has been caught on camera having a tantrum after not being taken for a walk.
Denise Hasse/Getty Images

The American Bully Kennel Club recognizes four categories of American bulldog including the pocket, standard, classic and XL. The United Kennel Club recognizes only one standard size.

There is a certain amount of controversy surrounding the breed, as their popularity in recent years has led to a lot of irresponsible breeding.

The American bulldog is a descendent of the English version, and it’s thought that the breed was in the U.S. as early as the 17th century after immigrants brought their working bulldogs with them.

Website Puppy Leaks reports: “Over the past 100 years the Bulldog has gone from a great athlete to one of the unhealthiest breeds around. And despite numerous concerns about their health & overall well-being they continue to rise in popularity. And the problem, of course, is completely man made.

Puppy Leaks adds: “We’ve bred Bulldogs to be extreme; we shortened their snouts and legs, increased the size of their skull, and of yes, we’ve even made their underbite a desirable feature. But when it comes to the welfare of the breed itself we need to ask ourselves: what has unethical breeding done to Bulldogs?”


In December 2022, an English bulldog named Star was awarded best in show at the 22nd annual American Kennel Club National Championship in Orlando, Florida. Star beat 5,300 other dogs and scooped the top prize of $50,000, despite the controversy around the breed.

The irresponsible breeding of bulldogs has led to various health problems over the years including skin allergies, breathing difficulties and joint issues. Norway banned the breeding of bulldogs in 2022, along with the ever-popular cavalier King Charles spaniels, claiming the “man-made health problems” were enough to ban the breed.

Users on TikTok loved Arlo the dog’s drama, with one commenting, “Why are these dogs such drama queens.”

Cerberus wrote, “my dog screams if I go out the door without her,” while another user commented on “the betrayal in his howl.”

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