Dead Island is known for its cinematic trailers, from the first game’s shocking reveal trailer to the reveal trailer of its sequel, both of which were targets of Goat Simulator parodies. Dambuster Studios has released another cinematic trailer for its rendition of Dead Island 2, one that acts as the tone-setting intro.

Dead Island 2 has gone through enough teams and years in development to make it seem destined to underwhelm. It’s…

The opening cinematic shows the aftermath of the attack without showing the actual violent acts that preceded the carnage, all of which is set to Karen O & Danger Mouse’s song “Drown.” Elastic was the behind the sequence and was also the same team behind the intro credits scene from HBO’s The Last of Us.

And while this title sequence doesn’t have any gameplay, Dambuster has showed plenty of the moment-to-moment action in other videos.