Bartender Finds Lost Purse, No One Can Believe What’s Inside


A woman will often be seen with a purse wherever she goes but when intoxicated she may leave without it. A bartender who recently found a lost purse was shocked to discover what was inside it.

For a night out, many women may bring their bank card, makeup, and mobile phone but the purse didn’t have any of those essentials. It was filled with McDonald’s fries!

The unusual finding has been shared on TikTok by a bartender who uses the handle @prettyyrozayy. The video, taken in The Gold Room in Minnesota, has racked up over 2.5 million likes and more than 15 million views.

Binge Eating and Binge Drinking

Partygoers are probably not that surprised by the content of the purse as nobody wants to end a night out with a salad. But excess drinking can not only lead to poor lifestyle choices but bad eating habits too.

The Recovery Village, a rehabilitation center, explained “excessive drinking may activate the same part of the brain as hunger causing binge eating. The more frequently someone drinks excessively, the more likely they are to engage in a pattern of binge eating.”

The desire to eat junk food when drunk may be hard to avoid with 24-hour fast food joints like McDonald’s, Waffle House and Burger King. Studies have shown that when alcohol is consumed before or with meals, food intake is as much as 30 percent greater, according to to Think Again, an Australian alcohol awareness campaign.

But before food even touches an intoxicated person’s lips, they have already consumed many calories. The campaign points out that a pint of full-strength beer contains 210 calories, which is the same as a slice of pizza. And two cans of pre-mixed rum and cola contain roughly 235 calories, the same as a cheeseburger or a chocolate bar.

Women drinking alcohol
Main picture, a stock image of women partying and, inset, a picture of fries. A bartender was stunned to find a purse filled with fries in a night club.
DisobeyArt / Alst/Getty

Over 14,000 people have commented on the viral video since it was posted on January 19 and even big brands have taken the time to add their two cents worth.

A comment from McDonalds racked up 32,200 likes. It said: “I knew I left it somewhere.”

Coach, the handbag company, said: “This is an amazing use of a purse.”

My kinda girlie,” said the comment from Klarna, an online finance service.

Other comments are from people claiming the bag is theirs and while some sympathize with the bag owner.

One user said: “They’re so devastated to have lost that too, I just know it.”

“Fast food in Fast fashion,” commented another.

“Modern problems require modern solutions,” said a third person.

Newsweek has reached out to @prettyy.rozay for comment. We could not verify the details of the case.


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