The Duttons are in search of salvation and preservation in Episode 6 of the Yellowstone prequel show, 1923.

The episode title, “One Ocean Closer to Destiny” is a direct reference to Spencer and Alex’s journey, who we last saw stuck inside a capsized boat off the coast of Africa. Teonna Rainwater is still on the run and Jacob Dutton is still on the mend.

There’s a concurrent theme of danger closing in on our characters throughout Episode 6. Some manage to escape while others prepare to fight, but the battle is far from over this season.

Here’s everything that happened in 1923, Episode 6 on Paramount+.

More Tragedy for Teonna

The episode opens with Teonna, now seemingly safe in the company of Hank. They decide to dress her in boys’ clothes, and burn her school clothes, but out of fear of retribution, they bury the bibles instead of burning them too.

That’s the last we see of Hank and Teonna, who’ll be called Joe when dressed as a boy, this episode. They set off to meet Hank’s son who’ll be tasked with finding Teonna’s father.

Michael Greyeyes and Aminah Nieves episode 6
Michael Greyeyes as Hank and Aminah Nieves as Teonna of the Paramount+ series “1923.”
Christian Saunders/Paramount+

The search for Teonna is intensifying, and two gruff sheriffs arrive at her grandmother’s house, assuming she’ll be hiding there. During an altercation, the sheriff throws off Teonna’s grandmother who hits her head and dies on the spot. The sheriffs get their story straight, leave the house and continue with the job.

Jacob’s Recovery and Preparation

Back at the Yellowstone Ranch, Jacob is out moving again, albeit with the help of a stick. Jacob tells rancher Zane that Spencer is on the way back, and once he is, they’ll have an army able to protect themselves.

In the town, Cara and Sheriff William McDowell are interviewing prospective new Livestock Agents. Previously she’d been warned by her husband not to trust everyone as Banner could be placing people on the inside. There’s a slim supply of valid candidates, it seems, but a ginger bearded man with a Scottish accent is hired on the spot by Sheriff McDowell.

Later, Cara arrives back at the ranch to see Jacob watching the mountains. He points out a cut in it as they’re seemingly building a new road. Cara uses her leverage as nurse over Jacob to inform him they’ll be adapting to modern times, purchasing a generator, a clothes washer and a motorcar.

Harrison Ford, Helen Mirren Episode 6 1923
Harrison Ford as Jacob and Helen Mirren as Cara Dutton of the Paramount+ series “1923.”
Christian Saunders/Paramount+

Jacob can see from the work that is going on, that they’re “busting” a mine in the property to the north, and they’ll be doing the same in the south, “to squeeze what’s in the middle” — them.

With all the danger looming, Cara invited the sheriff to the ranch to see Jacob. During a heated exchange, William scolds Jacob for taking the law into his own hands, and Jacob rips his shirt open to show his bullet wounds. The sheriff says there’s already been a range war in Wyoming, he won’t allow another in Montana, so he’ll arrest Banner in the morning.

Still furious, Jacob sets out with revenge on his mind. Cara stops him and passionately informs him if it’s vengeance he’s after, he’s at the back of the queue as everyone else suffered more while he was recovering. Despite this, he tries to head out anyway, readying his horse to go and confront Banner.

Jack and Elizabeth are in bed, discussing the pregnancy. He sees her gunshot wound on her abdomen, but she assures him that’s the past, and the baby is their future.

Later she finds Jacob has returned; he didn’t confront Banner after all. He tells Cara he wasn’t after vengeance, he was seeking preservation. One hundred years later it’s the same goal that his descendant John Dutton III has in Yellowstone. Jacob tells Cara she’s suffered enough, and “goddammit it’s their turn now”

A Miracle Becomes a Marriage

The last we saw of Spencer and Alex, their boat had been capsized after hitting a ghost ship. Spencer is the first to emerge, and thanks to some banging on the ship’s hull, he heads back down to get Alex. He brings her to the surface and places her in a safe spot as he goes back down to get supplies.

Ignoring his instructions, she sees a safety ring and goes after it, but the current drags her away from the boat. Spencer saves her again as she admits it wasn’t her brightest moment. Actress Julia Schlaepfer had told Newsweek that the stunts she had to perform in Episode 6 were the hardest she did for 1923.

Brandon Sklenar and Julia Schlaepfer 1923
Brandon Sklenar as Spencer and Julia Schlaepfer as Alexandra on the boat before it was upturned in “1923.”
Emerson Miller/Paramount+

Six hours go by and the pair are still stuck on the upturned boat, hoping the people Spencer managed to radio will find them. Things go from bad to worse as sharks start to circle the ship. Their patented banter remains intact as they continue to survive, barely.

They stay in place through the night, finding a way to sleep on their precarious spot. Alex is awoken by the sound of a horn in the distance, as she sees a faint light miles away. Trying to get their attention, he fires his gun in the air multiple times. Eventually the light points in their direction. Miraculously, they’re saved by members of the British Navy.

Once on board, they’re welcomed by Captain Shipley (Joseph Mawle) who pours them both a drink. Their trip has actually gotten easier now though, as the rescuing ship is heading to Marseille, France, from where they can book a direct trip to the United States.

The subject of a visa for Alex comes up, with the captain informing them it could take months to get her in. They’re in international waters, so Spencer’s solution is to have the captain of the ship marry them there. Spencer requires a small ceremony in their room, but luckily the captain has a box of rings from fallen sailors. All the rings in the box are too big for Alex’s fingers, but the captain offers one he keeps around his neck on a chain. It belongs to his wife, but he suggests she’d approve.

The pair cement their marriage, and are sent off to their quarters with a box of essentials they almost forget to take in their room with them. After consummating their marriage, they head out to the ship’s deck as they pass Egypt and the Suez Canal. In another declaration of love, Spencer tells Alex he saw all of their drama as the universe telling him to put her back where she belongs, but he was too selfish to do so. She informs him she has no intention to go back, ever, “even if it’s the death of me,” Alex says.